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The “Friends United” project was designed and created to honour First Nations.

Jay Bell Redbird (1966-2019)

It is with great sadness in our hearts that we announce the sudden passing of our friend and brother Jay Bell Redbird. Just after returning from a fun filled trip to Germany and following a very successful art exhibit in Nova Scotia, Canada, both of which gave him great pleasure, Jay passed away in his sleep. He left us very peacefully and started his journey into the spirit world. The memories of him which we all share will be there for decades to come and his paintings will tell the stories of his life and his people for eternity. We feel so blessed to have known Jay, to have been able to work, live, laugh and share our lives with him. Our gratitude for this blessing can not be expressed in words. Everybody’s life that he touched with his smile and grace became better, larger and fuller. We thank the Creator for bringing into our world such a spirit who has enlightened us and generations to come with his presence, paintings and stories. We will remember Jay forever and his smile and stories will live on in our hearts. We extend our love and deep sympathies to all his relatives and friends, many of whom are also part of our Friends United Initiative.