Convention Centre

International Convention Centre Complex

The “Friends United” International Convention Centre complex was constructed for the purpose of honouring all Indigenous North American peoples and celebrating their culture and heritage.

It features the largest private collection in Atlantic Canada of Native art including Inuit carvings. Since many seminars with an international audience are being held at the centre, it allows the Native artists belonging to the “Friends United” initiative to display their artwork to a worldwide audience.

A 2 minute virtual walk-through

Both the “Friends United” International Convention Centre and the “Friends United” initiative aim at educating Aboriginal artists to become self sufficient and independent entrepreneurs through their art work.The “Friends United” initiative is known to many people worldwide and has assisted in making Indigenous artists spiritual and cultural Ambassadors for Canada.

The “Friends United” initiative and the ”Friends United” International Convention Centre Complex are not funded by any government agencies or other parties. Both are solely funded and supported by the Bouman Group which consists of Canadian Pioneer Estates Ltd., Canec Land Developments Inc., Kelly Robertson Consulting Inc. and (Ad)Venture Canada Publishing Inc.