Eric Schweig and the Friends United not-for-profit team describe their artistic journeys/callings
(English, 4 min.)

Mi’kmaq artist Shianne Gould at Friends United for a camera talk with Nancy Regan
(English, 30 min.)

Friends United

(English, 2 min.)

Eric Schweig Totem Pole Carving Apprenticeship With Gerry Sheena/ Rolf Bouman — Eric Schweig Interview

(English, 16 min.)

Friends Eric Schweig and Rolf Bouman discuss why Eric started to manufacture traditional knives
(English, 30 min.)

Actor/youth mentor/carver Eric Schweig recycles steel and makes traditional knives at Friends United
(English, 4 min.)

Indigenous actor and mask carver Eric Schweig is apprenticing as Totem Pole Carver with his indigenous friend Gerry Sheena
on the Canadian East Coast
(English, 4 min.)

Actor/Inuit mask carver/writer Eric Schweig and his friend Rolf Bouman are discussing Eric’s life and upbringing

(English, 58 min.)

Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton & Mi’kmaq Author Karen Bernard
discuss reconciliation with Nancy Regan

(English, 51 min.)

The Honorable Peter MacKay and Rotary Club president Adam Rodgers engage in an interesting and important conversation
about reconciliation
(English, 50 min.)

The Honorable Leona Aglukkaq, the Honorable Rodney MacDonald and Nancy Regan discuss reconciliation

(English, 69 min.)

Former NS Premiers Hon. Stephen McNeil and Hon. Rodney MacDonald discuss with Nancy Regan reconciliation

(English, 50 min.)

Interview with NSCC principals Carla Arsenault and Vivek Saxena and Television Anchor Nancy Regan
(English, 30 min.)

Former NS premiers Hon. Rodney MacDonald & Hon. Iain Rankin join Nancy Regan for the 2nd Friends United reconciliation talks
(English, 58 min.)

Hereditary Chief Stephen Augustine and retired Senator the hon. Dan Christmas discuss with Nancy Regan reconciliation topics and history (English, 80 min.)

The deeply moving and hope-giving story of Indigenous totem pole carver Gerry Sheena
(English, 56 min.)

Interview with former, NS premier, the Honorable Rodney MacDonald (10-year involvement with Friends United)
(English, 42 min.)

Nancy Regan interviews Friends United supporter Honorable Senator Mary Coyle and artists Loretta Gould and Jay Bell Redbird
(English, 60 min.)

Friends United in partnership with the Rotary Club Port Hawkesbury at the Rotary Intern. Convention 2019 in Hamburg (English, 4 min.)

Television Host Nancy Regan interviews Founder Rolf Bouman about Friends United
(English, 48 min.)

Rolf Bouman and Dan Levy: Heartbeat of Mother Earth
(English, 21 min.)

Hereditary Chief Stephen Augustine and Wolf-Dieter Storl talk with Rolf Bouman (English, 19 min.)

Hereditary Chief Stephen Augustine and Nancy Regan at the Friends United Convention Centre (English, 104 min.)

Television host Nancy Regan interviews Rotary Club president Patrick Lamey about the Friends United project (English, 48 min.)

Friends United artists Jay Bell Redbird and Halina Stopyra (English,2 min.)

Music: Maite Itoiz, and Duke Redbird at the Friends United Convention Centre in Cape Breton Island (11 min.)

TV host Nancy Regan interviews Friends United artists Jay Bell Redbird and Halina Stopyra (English, 42 min.)

Rolf Bouman “Friends United” founder interview with Darren Julian “Friends United” artist (English, 28 min.)

Music: John Kelly/Maite Itoiz (Kelly Family/Elfenthal) in Kanada with Rolf Bouman (Teaser, 7 min.)

Aboriginal Friends United artists Loretta Gould and Shianne Gould (English, ca. 2 min.)

Jay Bell Redbird and Rolf Bouman talk about their joint Indigeneous cultural projects (English, 27 min.)