Nancy Regan interviews Friends United supporter Senator Mary Coyle and artists Loretta Gould and Jay Bell Redbird
(English, 42 min.)

Interview with former, NS, premier Rodney MacDonald (10-year involvement with Friends United) (English, 42 min.)

Aboriginal Friends United artists Loretta Gould and Shianne Gould (English, ca. 2 min.)

TV host Nancy Regan interviews Friends United artists Jay Bell Redbird and Halina Stopyra (English, 42 min.)

Television host Nancy Regan interviews Rotary Club president Patrick Lamey about the Friends United project (English, 48 min.)

Friends United Overall
(English, 2 min.)

Television Host Nancy Regan interviews Founder Rolf Bouman about Friends United (English, 48 min.)

Wolf-Dieter Storl und Indianerhäuptling Stephen Augustine im Gespräch mit Rolf Bouman (English, 19 min.)

Rolf Bouman and Dan Levy: Heartbeat of Mother Earth
(English, 21 min.)

Friends United artist David Brooks talks about his daughter Chelsea Brooks (English, 2 min.)

German media interview with David Brooks (Aboriginal Friends United artist, English, 8 min.)

Rolf Bouman “Friends United” founder interview with Darren Julian “Friends United” artist (English, 28 min.)

German media interview with Friends United Founder Rolf Bouman (German, 56 min.)

Music: Maite Itoiz, and Duke Redbird at the Friends United Convention Centre in Cape Breton Island (11 min.)

Halifax exhibition 2013
(English, 15 min.)

German media interview with Sandra Simon (Aboriginal Friends United artist, English, 11 min.)

German media interview with the Honourable Rodney MacDonald (English, 8 min.)

Music: John Kelly/Maite Itoiz (Kelly Family/Elfenthal) in Kanada with Rolf Bouman (Teaser, 7 min.)