Loretta Gould – Shianne Gould (A collaboration between mother and daughter)

Shianne Gould and Loretta Gould — Friends United Artists

Loretta Gould is a Mi’kmaq quilter/painter who loves bright, beautiful colours. She was born in 1976 and raised in Waycobah First Nation by her parents Annie Catherine (Katie) and Joseph Googoo. Loretta became a quilter for about 10 years after she had seen a quilt in a mall. She loved the quilt very much, but couldn’t afford it. Therefore she decided to try to make a quilt and began to manufacture art quilts on a professional level. She was making a full time living through her art quilts. Loretta’s sewing machine broke in 2013 and she was encouraged to try also painting by Rolf Bouman, who had previously purchased some of her quilts. She has been painting ever since full time and is now one of the prominent Mik’maq artist. She sold her paintings world wide, especially in Europe and North America. Loretta’s vision is to share the messages of her paintings with the world. Loretta’s art is her special way to express her spiritual feelings on canvas. Her husband Elliot draws for her at times and also paints from time to time, then Loretta adding her finishing touches. Lorettas family is a good example of a family unity working together. Loretta self-taught herself with both, quilting and painting, also being inspired by Friends United artist Jay Bell Redbird. She uses cotton fabrics with her quilts and acrylic medium paints for her canvas. Loretta and her husband Elliot have been teaching jointly their daughter Shianne, who is also an artist of the Friends United initiative.

First Nation artist Shianne Gould has been painting since her childhood. As a teenager she began to paint more, following in her mother Loretta Gould’s footsteps, who is a very well known and talented Mi’kmaq painter. Many of Shianne’s paintings relate to family and the relationship with mother earth. Like her mother she prefers vivid, vibrant colors for her work. Shianne also lives in Waycobah, Cape Breton, Canada.

Loretta Gould and Shianne Gould — My Guidance — Friends United